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Loose weight easily and in a healthy manner with a Genetic Metabolism Analysis CoGAP MetaCheck®

Simple and Sustained Weight Loss

Genetic Metabolism Analysis

CoGAP MetaCheck® will determine your personal meta-types based on DNA-Analysis. This will allow you to adjust your diet and sports activities according to your genetic disposition.

In that way you can regulate your weight naturally and be able to lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner.

CoGAP MetaCheck®

Advantages of CoGAP MetaCheck®:

  • Losing weight through tailored nutritional and sports recommendations
  • No Jo-Jo Effect thanks to long-term change in diet
  • No radical diets, No fasting
  • Harmless cheek swabs
  • One-time test, since your gene make-up will not change

There are different meta-types:





Each meta-type processes the main dietary components (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) differently.

One of two sports varieties exists in each meta-type:

Endurance: E = Endurana

Speed: S = Speed

These arouse special and effective calorie consumption during sports, depending on the type of sports activity.

Important Information:

Only your metabolic genes are analyzed anonymously.

The findings of the examined genetic changes can neither be traced back to family relationships nor to particular diseases.

Your sample materials will be destroyed after the metabolic analysis!