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Counselling & Safety

Your safety and health are top on our agenda!

We shall inform you about the IPL method of treatment in a detailed consultative interview.
Any possible risks regarding your skin type are discussed with you. During your interview appointment some test pulses are carried out on the back of your hand or leg in order to check the reaction of the skin. This test flash also serves to give you a little better understanding of the gentle treatment and perhaps to take away the fear of it.
Only after this intensive interview and the test will the treatment begin, and this is conducted only by qualified female specialists.

In addition, you will be asked about medicines etc., in a case history form because they, among other things, are some of the factors which could influence permanent hair removal.

Taking into consideration your skin type, the colour of the hair as well as the hair strength, your personal treatment programme is then calculated using the IPL device.

Melaninmessger_C3_A4t_ChromoliteWith this melanin measuring device, the melanin content of the skin of the customer to be treated is measured before every treatment. Using the measured skin type the energy of the Phaser is adjusted accordingly.
Latest generation of permanent hair removal technology – made in the EU – no China Import.  
Using our IPL device we have been removing unwanted body hair successfully for years. Thanks to Smartlite technology and the melanin measuring device, we always work safely and effectively.