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Hair removal

With the IPL-Method (Intense photo Light), even sensitive skin can gently and permanently be rid of hair growth, and moreover at a reasonable price!

Tooth bleaching

The desire for white teeth is not a craze of the modern times! Because white teeth were already regarded as signs of beauty and good health centuries ago!.


We shall help you precisely through treatment with the new iLipo fat-removing-laser. Fast, simple, efficient and absolutely painless.

Juliet Intimlaser

Die schonende Lösung, um Ihre Weiblichkeit zu verjüngen.

ipl Hamburg

The Team

IPL Hamburg Team

We are the team of therapists – Birgit von Rohr, non-medical practitioner and Astrid Winkler.
We are always there for you in our studio in Haller Street with help and advice before and during the treatment for permanent hair removal and for other treatments we offer.
We offer you long-standing experience, wide-ranging advanced training and faithful support.
During your treatment sessions we ensure that you are always treated by the same therapist.

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